WEATHERVANE is a window gallery at 76 N8th Street between Wythe and Kent Ave. that is open and lit 24/7. We opened in May of 2015. Our main goal is to provide a public venue to show artwork by dedicated artists to bring joy and light to my neighbors and the city.
In an area that once was rich with working artists, most of who have been forced to move further and further away, making art accessible to my neighborhood is key to that goal. After 20 years having a sculpture studio here on N8th Street, (which has been the location for Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Flee, the best views in the city, and more) seeing so many fellow artists leave due to rising rents or big developers, my hope in creating WEATHERVANE is to ‘bring them back’ and to show work in a formal context that allows easy, relaxed enjoyment day or night. In an area now known for some of the highest real estate rents in the city, to have a space that is devoted art and artists is becoming more and more rare. For me, it is a way to give back to a block that has been my home for more than two decades.

Weathervane presently occupies the front space of my sculpture studio. Our first show was in May of last year and the current show is the 10th!
The name comes from the weather vane installed some years back on my rooftop fence after buying it at a stoop sale nearby. A weather vane not only recalls my grandparents’ house back in Dallas, but also serves as a-kind-of metaphor for the direction of our neighborhood and our world.

Recently being apart of Salon Zürcher, a mini international art fair at Gallerie Zürcher opened new doors to extend WEATHERVANE’s reach greatly.

However, like the fate so many others, our tenancy at 76 N8th is also currently being threatened by developers and the buildings new ownership. While we are here at this wonderful location, WEATHERVANE strives to continue to do everything possible to brighten the street and enrich the lives of all who pass by.


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