E MODERNE_You Si, China, Jungle, Color ink on rice paper, 74.8 x 74.8, 2014 BRUCE LURIE_

ARTMIX_MauricioMorillas_Bamboo_2015_30x40_mixed media, RTMIX photo  ARTBLEND_Sergey Mozer_PERFORMANCE #7

unspecified     AI BO GALLERY_Janet Sherman, 11 SQUARES, paper, paint, resin, 36 x 36_36 x 36


Launching the summer season is Art Hamptons 2016 which opens Thursday, June 23 and runs through Sunday, June 26.  Held annually, the fair presents 70+ dealers featuring works of art on a private Lumber Lanes Reserve estate grounds in Bridgehampton – one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Hamptons. Strategically timed, Art Hamptons is positioned as one of the leading attractions of the summer not only for second homeowners and their guests, but for year round residents and visiting tourists. As in past years, Art Hamptons remains the first art fair of the summer season and where Hamptonites go to acquire their fine art.


Jean-Marie Haessle: Meet the Artist

BE_HaessleSaturday, June 25
1:00 pm | Kips Gallery, booth 300
RSVP required


Artist Jean-Marie Haessle will present his recent work and talk about his career as an artist in New York City. This presentation will be followed by a catalog signing.

Haessle’s unique sense of color forms the basis of remarkably structured works of art. The molten hues he invests the painting with furnish a supporting structure for the composition. Who would have thought that so much could have been done with the color alone? Haessle’s imagination leaps and bounds as it has done for more that four decades, leaving a heritage that is as expansive as it is intelligent. Building on past achievements, the artist establishes new ones, in ways that are his alone.

Gavin Rain: Hidden in Plain Sight

BE_emoderneSaturday, June 25
1:30 pm | E-Moderne Gallerie, booth 311

Gallery owner Edward Fong will give a presentation on the work by pointillism artist Gavin Rain. Up close, Rain’s paintings consist of small concentric dots painted in different colors of acrylic paint. From a distance, the eye views the image as a whole, and a naturalistic portrait is revealed. The farther the viewer steps back, the clearer the image becomes. Fong will discuss this technique and tricks for viewing Rain’s work.


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