Asia Week New York throws open the doors to the largest number of privately curated exhibitions in the extraordinary event’s history: a total of 50! Asia Week New York is the annual 10-day presentation of treasures from all over Asia, a magnet for collectors, museum curators, designers and scholars that is certain to satisfy.
From every corner of the continent of Asia comes an exquisite array of beautiful things to be seen and savored at galleries sprinkled around Manhattan beginning March 9 through March 18. In these museum-quality displays by some of the world’s most knowledgeable and discerning Asian art specialists, art lovers will be able to behold examples of painting, sculpture, bronzes, ceramics, jewelry, jade, textiles, prints and photographs gathered from all over Asia.







“In my years as Chairman of Asia Week New York never I have been prouder of this event,” says Lark Mason. “Our members are pulling out all the stops to present the best there is to offer in their respective fields. Never before has Asia Week New York offered such a large adventure to seekers of Far Eastern treasures-all on view for the first time. Adds Mason: “Connoisseurs of Asian beauty will feel as though they have traversed a continent and experienced the best it has to offer without ever leaving the island of Manhattan.”







Concludes Mason, “Asia Week New York is nothing less than an absolute must-attend destination for not only the trade, but for all serious and dedicated collectors, museum curators, interior designers and all Asian-art lovers.”












The following galleries will return to the fold with their museum-quality treasures representing countries from across the Asian continent:

Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art
Walter Arader Himalayan Art (United States), Dr. Robert R. Bigler (Switzerland); Prahlad Bubbar (England), Buddhist Art (Germany), Carlo Cristi (Italy), DAG Modern (United States); Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd (England), Francesca Galloway (England), Galerie Christophe Hioco (France), Nayef Homsi Ancient Art of Asia (United States), Kapoor Galleries (United States), Navin Kumar (United States) Susan Ollemans (England), and Tenzing Asian Art.
Ancient and/or Contemporary Chinese Art
U.S. galleries include Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc., China 2000 Fine Art, FitzGerald Fine Arts, Michael C. Hughes LLC, Andrew Kahane, Ltd., Kaikodo LLC,
Alan Kennedy (Santa Monica), J.J. Lally & Co., M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd., Phoenix Ancient Art, Nicholas Grindley Works of Art Ltd, and Zetterquist Galleries.
Ancient and/or Contemporary Japanese Art

Carole Davenport, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd., Joan B. Mirviss, Ltd., Laurence Miller Gallery, Onishi Gallery, Scholten Japanese Art, Erik Thomsen (all from the United States), Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art (Japan), BachmannEckenstein JapaneseArt (Switzerland), and Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art (Italy).

Ancient and contemporary Korean specialists Kang Collection Korean Art and KooNewYork, both from the United States, complete the list of contributors presenting their extraordinary array of Asian art treasures.


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