The NYEDC is planning to remove the 1987 zoning protections from the Garment Center. Manufacturers will experience higher rents or, in some cases, have their leases terminated. The NYGCSA opposes this change to the rezoning and is asking the NYEDC to reconsider their plan.

In February 2017, the City and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) made an announcement. They are proposing to remove a zoning clause that keeps rents lower for factories and fashion-related businesses in The Garment District. The implications serious for the Fashion Industry in NYC but also Broadway and off-Broadway theaters, prototyping and educational facilities. This is a $98 Billion dollar industry. State of the Arts NYC is supportive of creative producers and manufacturers. They provide real jobs with benefits and a decent living for thousands of people. The show wants to re-connect New Yorkers to what really makes this city great — multiple industries, layers of people with different skill levels, working side by side. It’s the mix that makes this City great and we need to demand that mix stays and not be pushed to the fringes and forgotten.

Want to get involved? Here are three ways you can support the Garment Center:
  1. Sign the petition to oppose the rezoning proposal, addressed to Mayor DeBlasio.
  2. Post #GarmentCenter stories on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Raise awareness about the real threat that rezoning poses to businesses in The Garment Center.
  3. Call Corey Johnson’s office at (212) 564-7757 to communicate your opposition to the rezoning proposal. Ask him to reconsider putting it up for a vote until the City has worked with Manufacturers to develop a proposal.

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