Alice Pennefather - Director's StillAlice Pennefather – Director

After studying photography at Falmouth College of Art, British film-maker Alice Pennefather spent 6 years travelling and working abroad, focusing on scuba diving and filming underwater. Returning to London in 2011 she rediscovered her love of dance and now works as a freelance photographer and cinematographer. With several years experience photographing for companies such as The Royal Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Garsington Opera and ZooNation, she has also developed her skills with moving image above and below the water on several commercials, major BBC and ITV dramas, short films and working on major features such as Tomb Raider, Kingsman, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, The Mummy (2017), Pan and Paddington 2.

The Sun is God is Alice’s second film as a director as well as director of photography. Her debut, Dreams of Giverny achieved Official Acceptance into Other Venice, Marina del Rey, Frostbite and London International Short Film Festivals in 2017 and Rosebud Film Festival in 2018.

Founded in 2016, Pennefather Films is a small independent film company based in London, England. We enjoy creating dance focused films and working on projects which explore movement and showcase new and exciting choreographies on screen. We keenly collaborate with choreographers working in a variety of dance styles.


 Dreams of Giverny is a modern day ghost story told through the poetic use of classical ballet, set in the gardens and around the water lily pond of impressionist painter Claude Monet’s home in Giverny, France.

Made in 2016, Dreams of Giverny  stars Royal Ballet principal Sarah Lamb and Annabel Pickering, who was at the time a student at White Lodge (Royal Ballet School). The film is a short story that Charles Haswell and Alice Pennefather came up with, about a young woman, played by Sarah, who is visiting the gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny, France. She slips into a daydream where she sees a ghostly young girl in the gardens, this is Sisi Salerou, the granddaughter of Monet. The young woman is then taken through the gardens and there are a few moments of dance, so it is really an exploration of the place. Claude Monet also appears, but he doesn’t dance! We had permission to film on location in Giverny, so we went up there and spent three days filming. It was a very beautiful experience and I was very grateful that Sarah was available, that she wanted to be involved, and that she trusted us, because it was our first film.


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