Japanese Clay, Prints, and Paintings

Joan B. Mirviss is presenting Reflections of a Summer Scape: Japanese clay, prints, and paintings from June 20 to August 17, 2018. The exhibition is inspired by the colors and elements of the Japanese summer landscape from the sweltering heat of the mid-day sun to the blue-green of water, the vibrant reds of the peonies, the creamy tones of the abalone shells, the granular patterns of sand, and the smooth, carved surfaces of viewing stones.

















Joan B. Mirviss

JoaB. Mirviss

Joan B. Mirviss is an expert and major dealer in Japanese art, specializing in ceramics, ukiyo-e prints and paintings for nearly forty years. In the area of modern and contemporary Japanese ceramic art in the West, she has been the pioneering spirit and force behind this burgeoning field.

As the foremost dealer in the field of modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics, she exclusively represents the top Japanese clay artists. Mirviss has organized and mounted over seventy exhibitions of Japanese modern and contemporary ceramics at her New York gallery and international fairs, bringing the work of celebrated artists as well as hitherto unknown talents to the attention of the American public. The 2011 release of her seminal publication Birds of Dawn:  The Pioneers of Japan’s Ceramic Sôdeisha Movement, that included essays by three leading scholar/curators from museums in the US and Britain, accompanied the groundbreaking exhibition of eighty works assembled over ten years. She also collaborated on the 2015 publication and exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, Japanese Ceramics for the Twenty-first Century, of her clients’collection. Just this year she authored and curated a catalogue series of three rotations of contmeporary Japanese ceramics for the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, Canada, titled JAPAN/NOW. Currently she is assisting with Hands and Clay: Six Persepctives on Japanese Contemporary Ceramics for the Lowe and Crow Art Museums in Florida and Texas.

Widely published and a highly respected specialist in her field, Mirviss has advised and built collections for many museums and private collectors. Ms. Mirviss received her M.A. in Japanese art history from Columbia University, and has written books and articles on a wide range of Japanese art-related subjects as well as lectured at museums and universities in the United States, Europe, and Japan.Her clients include more than fifty museums throughout the world.

In addition, Mirviss has been active in both curatorial and scholarly projects. Most notably, in 1995, she curated the exhibition of the Frank Lloyd Wright surimono print collection shown at the Phoenix Art Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, for which she co-authored the accompanying publication, The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of Surimono. In 2000, she curated an exhibition and authored the catalogue titled Jewels of Japanese Printmaking: Surimono of the Bunka and Bunsei Era for the prominent Japanese print museum in Tokyo, the Ota Memorial Art Museum. More recently she contributed to the publication Reading Surimono for the Rietberg Museum in Zürich.

Tracy Causey-Jeffery

Tracy Causey-Jeffery

Prior to running her own contemporary art gallery for twenty years, Tracy previously worked with major Asian art galleries in London and interned with the Chinese Works of Art department at Sothebys NY. She has curated numerous exhibitions, taught art history and authored many articles. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with dual majors in Oriental Studies and International Relations, she went on to study Mandarin in Taiwan and to receive a postgraduate certificate in Asian Art from the University of London SOAS/Sotheby’s Institute joint program. Tracy’s favorite area of study was/is ceramics and so she believes the directorship at Joan B. Mirviss to be a serendipitous move for her. When not working with or reading about Asian art, she practices a vegetarian lifestyle, avidly supports wildlife and environmental preservation, gardens, cooks with family and friends, attends the ballet, theater or musical performances, enjoys fine wines, serves as crew chief for her husband’s endurance bicycling races and takes as many walks in nature as she can fit into her busy schedule.

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