ART & GUILE is a New York-based design studio founded in 2016 by artists Kate Hopkins and Christopher Boynton. Kate, a painter and printmaker, and Chris, a 3D modeler and former video artist, merge their singular perspectives to produce a range of minimal but spirited contemporary light fixtures, furniture, and objects. The work is simultaneously spare and inviting, enlisting the partners’ artistic vocabularies in the service of clever, engaging design. Chris and Kate design and produce everything themselves in Long Island City, with the help of local fabricators. Ideal for residential or commercial spaces, with a range of customizable options as well as site-specific commission capabilities.









Kate Hopkins and Christopher Boynton may not have had any formal training in woodworking or metalworking before launching their home-furnishings company, Art & Guile, in 2016, but they forged ahead anyway. “We like to problem-solve,” says Boynton. “The challenge of the process is what drives us.”

Native Coloradans, the husband-and-wife team met in high school, but didn’t reconnect until they were both living in New York six years later, in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Hopkins, an artist, and Boynton, whose background is in film, began collaborating on lighting for their new apartment, which led them to discover “a mutual interest in design,” Hopkins says. “We started teaching ourselves about different materials and methods.” It wasn’t until Boynton began working for a 3-D printing company in 2013, however, that the couple became serious about turning their hobby into a business. “Being in that world exposed us to other designers who had started their own companies, and we finally felt like we were ready to strike out on our own,” says Boynton. An added plus: “I became quite proficient in 3-D modeling, which made it possible to turn our abstract ideas into items we could produce.”

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