State of the Arts NYC is pleased to announce that we are moving our audio production to BRIC Media Center in downtown Brooklyn. This move will allow the show to appear on multiple platforms while producing quality shows. BRIC Media has a state of the art facility where they have live arts and performance events on a regular basis along with a cafe for refreshments.

Host/Producer Savona Bailey-McClain is thrilled to work with BRIC Media Art. Our new studio location allows more flexibility and consistency. Our fall lineup includes the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Asian Contemporary Art Week, Warhol at the Whitney, furniture designers and more.

Joining us in September is author Kim Thuy who will be apart of the Brooklyn Book Festival.

For a Vietnamese-Canadian from Montreal, the mere fact of being in Brooklyn makes me feel like acting in a great movie. The name alone ignites my imagination.

For having lived through the first few years under the communist regime following the end of the war in Vietnam in 1975, every book that I get to hold nowadays has become a symbol of freedom–not only the freedom to express ideas but also the freedom to read and learn.

In short, the Brooklyn Book Fair will be a moment of euphoria for me “.

Also joining us is Julia Wertz who designed the book festival poster

Being part of the festival is a bittersweet experience for me since I left NYC two years ago and I miss it every day. NYC and books were my world and focal point for a decade, and now I’m a bit untethered without the city, so I’m excited to come back and immerse myself in both of those things. I appreciate the festival for its lack of pretension and the overall genuine excitement for books of all kinds.




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