Works by Emily Jacir opens at Alexander and Bonin on September 7th. La Mia Mappa, features several recent works, which are being exhibited for the first time in the USA. The upcoming exhibition derives its title from a particularly lyrical photograph by Jacir taken in the city she calls her spiritual home, Rome.

This is Jacir’s first solo exhibition in New York since her 2014 presentation of ex libris at Alexander and Bonin’s former location (132 Tenth Avenue). That exhibition included a 28 x 50’ mural which remains on view in Chelsea. First installed in March of 2014, AP 3852 from ex libris can be seen from the Highline and has also been somewhat inadvertently included in numerous television and film pans of that stretch of Tenth Avenue over the past four years.

La mia Roma (omaggio ai sampietrini) (2016) is an ode to walking, to labour, and to what Jacir describes as one of the great architectural wonders of Rome the sampietrini. Made of solid volcanic rock and each one individually hand cut, sampietrini are the stones which Rome has been paved with for centuries. This work derives from Jacir’s walks throughout the city of Rome where she collects sampietrini, takes them to her studio, documents them, and then puts them back where she found them. The resulting work is not only a record of the selciatori (pavers) hand- cutting each individual cobblestone but also a diary of Jacir’s walks. Since the 1960s, the sampietrini have also been used during Italian protests due to their easy removal and have become part of the history of class struggle in Italy.


Emily Jacir (Arabic: املي جاسر‎), is a Palestinian artist and filmmaker. Born in Bethlehem in 1972, Jacir spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, attending high school in Italy. She attended Memphis College of Art and graduated with an art degree. She divides her time between Rome, Italy and Ramallah.

Jacir works in a variety of media including film, photography, installation, performance, video, writing and sound. She has exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East since 1994, holding solo exhibitions in places including New York City, Los Angeles, Ramallah, Beirut, London and Linz.

Active in the building of Ramallah’s art scene since 1999, Jacir has also worked with various organizations including the A. M. Qattan Foundation, al-Ma’mal Foundation and the Sakakini Cultural Center. She has been involved in creating numerous projects and events such as Birzeit’s Virtual Art Gallery. She also founded and curated the first International Video Festival in Ramallah in 2002. She curated a selection of shorts; Palestinian Revolution Cinema (1968 – 1982) which went on tour in 2007. Between 2000 – 2002 she curated several Arab Film programs in NYC with Alwan for the Arts including the first Palestinian Film Festival in 2002. She works as a full-time professor at the vanguard International Academy of Art Palestine since it opened its doors in 2006 and she also served on its Academic Board from 2006 through 2012. Jacir led the first year of the Ashkal AlwanHome Workspace Program in Beirut (2011-2012) and created the curriculum and programming after serving on the founding year of the Curricular Committee from 2010-2011.


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