From October 16, 2018, through March 3, 2019, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) will present the eye’s level by Anne Lindberg. For her first solo exhibition in a New York City museum, Lindberg is creating a site-specific installation using heavyweight threads in pearlescent tones to build an immersive color field on MAD’s second floor. Paired with one of the artist’s large-scale pencil drawings on mat board, the installation evokes a ray of light cutting across the gallery.

A multimedia artist, Lindberg expands both fiber and drawing practices into the spatial and architectural realms. In a process she describes as “stitching in the walls,” Lindberg moves thousands of threads across space. Held in tension between two points, the threads create a luminous cast of color that appears to hover in midair, a formal accomplishment that considers the light, architecture, and movement around and through a site. The process of installation is made visible to the viewer, as Lindberg walks each thread from one wall to another—scaling up, and making bodily, the act of drawing.

the eye’s level is presented as part of MAD’s fall season of programming, which seeks to redefine the future of craft while introducing visitors to dynamic concepts within the media of art and design.


What: the eye’s level by Anne Lindberg
When: October 16, 2018 – March 3, 2019
Where: 2nd floor gallery at MAD


Anne Lindberg (United States, b. 1962) is a Hudson Valley–based artist who expands both fiber and drawing practices into the spatial and architectural realms. She works with thread to create interventions into architectural space that are part spatial Color Field painting, part drawing. Her work provokes emotional, visceral, and perceptual responses to light, architecture, time, movement, and color. Interested in the relationship between deep thinking and composing, especially as the latter develops and unfolds through walking, Lindberg forefronts movement as a significant component in her making, characterizing her studio practice as a paced and daily conversation with place.

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