Francisco Negroni is a world-renowned Chilean photographer who has won six international awards for his outstanding shots of erupting volcanoes. It is in 2011 that he made himself known with his photos of the eruption of Cordon Caulle volcano, in his country of origin. ” I never really thought about becoming a volcano photographer someday. It’s something that came naturally, that I did not force. Only when I saw my first eruption by chance with my own eyes in Chile did I know that I wanted to continue photographing such explosions in my life, “he reveals. A technician’s job that perfectly combines the changing natural elements from one minute to the next.

From lava to clouds, ashes and lightning, Francisco manages to capture the perfect moment. And he has the gift of being in the right place at the right time. But if he is passionate about these outbursts of nature, the licensed guide who directs some visits for adventurous tourists in his native country knows how to stay safe. ” I never go near the eruption, there are telephoto lenses and lenses that allow you to shoot from a distance .” Unique shots with end-of-the-world accents that “mean everything” for this nature lover. ” When you witness this, you feel how small and insignificant we are in the universe. The power of nature, the interacting forces, knows no boundaries. They are sublime and incomparable .


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