Gail Biederman has created The Feel of a Place from materials ranging from yarn and felt to nails, each tailored and arranged to evoke different elements of Brooklyn’s waterfront. Industrial felt represents the historically industrial landscape around piers, for example, while intersecting lines of felt mimic subway lines and other travel routes. Viewers may also notice the contrast between topographies of North and South Brooklyn in the density of infrastructure and transportation grids. The tactility of Biederman’s materials, juxtaposed with the abstracted forms they take, highlight the coexistence of our embodied experience of the city with a more schematic conception in the act of mapping.

Gail Biederman is a 2018-19 recipient of the ArtFP, an open call for Brooklyn-based visual artists to exhibit at BRIC House.

Artist Bio
Gail Biederman is a New York-based artist interested in mapping urban landscapes and exploring different materials. Biederman has held solo exhibitions at Wave Hill, NY; and Artspace, New Haven, CT among others. She was included in group exhibitions at BRIC and Smack Mellon, both Brooklyn; and White Plains, Lower East Side Printshop, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, and Exit Art, all NY. She has been an artist-in-residence at SPACE on Ryder Farm, LMCC Swing Space, and Lower East Side Printshop, and was selected for Hot Picks from Smack Mellon.

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